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Listen carefully, Plan thoroughly, Budget Effectively, Think Long-term, Design Passionately. We believe that these are five components to a successful design and we work on same terms.

Stage 1
Concept Development & Preliminary Proposal
  • briefing by client
  • study of work flow and inventory of existing furniture suitable for re-use
  • development of initial layout plan, materials & finishes, time schedule and cost estimate
  • presentation of full proposal to client for evaluation
  • award of contract by client

Stage 2
Planning and Design Development
  • refinement of design concept, development of detailed design plans and agreement on materials and finishes
  • coordination with building management, nominated contractors, consultants and suppliers
  • preparation of working drawings or tender documents
  • preparation and submission of quotation

Stage 3
Construction and Installation
  • fitting-out of the space.
  • on-site supervision of contractors & suppliers
  • regular reporting to client on progress
  • cleaning and preparation of space for move-in
  • evaluation of design and construction and modification, if necessary
  • defect correction, as necessary.
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